Contec Portable Laptop B-ultrasound Scanner Machine, Abdominal Probe(convex)

Handheld Ultrasound Setup Tutorial Contact me and give you 10% discount. Contec portable laptop b-ultrasound scanner machine, abdominal probe(convex) weight2.3 kg (include probe). The device which adopts linux embedded operating system, has well compatibility, transplantable character, and flexible expansibility.

Wonnie 9'' Dual Screen Portable Dvd Player For Car With Built-in 5 Hours

Apeman 9 5 Portable DVD Player 1 car bracket/1 DC input cable/1 user manual. Simply connects host monitor to your TV. WONNIE has more than 10 years experience in portable DVD players. wonnie 9'' dual screen portable dvd player for car with built-in 5 hours.